New Forest Crematorium

The New Forest Crematorium Company has been established to meet the local demand for a high quality crematorium in the New Forest.

Our aim is to consult with as many local stakeholders as we can and to take on board constructive comments and suggestions to enable us to work with the community in developing a product that we can all be proud of.

We have a steady population rise in the United Kingdom, which is expected to rise according to the Office for National Statistics.

New Forest Crematorium StatsNew Forest Crematorium Stats

We are also a nation who now prefer, in the main, to be cremated rather than buried.

New Forest Crematorium StatsNew Forest Crematorium Stats

The New Forest also offers a uniquely peaceful and spiritual surrounding in which to carry out this service and enables those attending to feel that they are close to nature at what is usually distressing and difficult time.

We have an opportunity to work with this wonderful backdrop and hopefully bring comfort to the bereaved through the carefully considered design and overall setting.

We welcome comments on the proposed imagery and plans below and hope to be able to engage as far as possible with all interested parties as possible over the next few months.

New Forest Crematorium Map

Typical Operation

  • Day time only
  • Core time services: 10:30am-3:30pm
  • 60 minutes service interval
  • Seating for 100 in the chapel, plus 100 standing
  • Traffic-off peak
  • Main car park (100 cars)
  • Overflow car park (50 cars)
  • Average mourners 30-40, average cars 14
  • Average occupancy of cars 2.5 mourners
  • 2-3 services a day in first years of operation (hourly services)
  • 4-5 services a day typical in established sites (hourly services)
  • Highly regulated emissions
  • Flue Gas Treatment Plant
  • Extremely low levels of smoke, particulates, noise and no discernible odour

Ongoing Technical Studies

  • Environment Impact Assessment Screening
  • Transport Assessment and Travel Plan
  • 30 minute drive time catchment
  • Market testing with Funeral Directors
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 Ecology Studies
  • Stack emissions dispersion modelling
  • Flood Risk Assessment / Surface Water Scheme
  • Tree Survey
  • Access - detailed design
New Forest Crematorium